Medical Equipment Delivery

Medical Equipment Delivery

AB&M Logistics is your full-service provider

Medical equipment is precious cargo and you know your product better than anyone else. So when it comes to shipping critical devices why settle for one option when AB&M Logistics offers so much more?

With more than 20 years experience, AB&M offers a variety of solutions. Don’t be stuck wondering where your cargo is sitting. Our specialty software shows where your cargo is traveling, where it’s heading, and when it’ll be delivered.

So stay ahead of the game and partner with us. We specialize in non-contact delivery, ensuring the health and safety of your product and employees. But we don’t stop there. We also offer:

  • Daily Routed Service
  • On Demand Service
  • Scheduled Service
  • 24/7/365 Availability
  • Offsite Supply Management and Storage
  • Data Analytics and Real-time Reporting
  • Customized Service Platforms to fit your Need

There’s no doubt that medical logistics require a special carrier dedicated to precision and security. Our couriers are front-line representatives and our unique take on medical logistics make us qualified to become your trusted supplier. Whether it’s medical, surgical, diagnostic and imaging equipment, or pharmaceutical products, trials and samples, even life sciences, we are ready to help you deliver.

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Three Keys to Shipping Medical Equipment

Let AB&M Be Your Cargo Experts

From fragile to temperature-sensitive medical products, when looking for the right carrier there’s plenty to keep in mind. You know the nuances of your product, whether it be specimens or medication, extra-large or oddly shaped equipment. No matter the material, there are important questions to answer before deciding on how best to ship your product.

Handling — What type of handling does your product need? Does it need to be stored and shipped at a certain temperature? In terms of medical device order fulfillment, does the product require special handling in order to meet FDA guidelines?

Hazardous Materials — Is your product considered hazardous? If so, make sure the team handling the materials is trained and certified so they can respond appropriately to any situation.

Reliability — Once the specific details of shipment and handling is figured out, you need to select a trusted carrier. Allow us to help you select them. At AB&M Logistics, we have a selection of couriers to meet your needs. More importantly, our years of expertise, combined with our financial stability and the helpfulness of our agents, will create reliable, long-term partnerships you can depend on.

Let us become your courier delivery experts. Our solutions optimize your local, same-day and next-day deliveries. And our proprietary software helps us track where your shipment is at all times.

Contact us today to receive a quote , send us an email at, or contact us at 1-803-244-9899.